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Hijab Store with Stylish Hijabs Online

Fatomina supports modern women from all over the world wanting a modest lifestyle that combines today’s fashion and individual style without compromising in faith.

Our hijab scarves are carefully selected to keep a high standard of quality. We have an outstanding collection of high-quality, comfortable, casual, luxurious hijabs, and under scarves in almost all available fabrics. Fatomina hijab store provides more than 400 different hijab styles & fashion.

Our customers love shopping with us and we love making our customers feel happy!

Hijab Malaysia is another beautiful example of a trendy, fashionable lace scarf. The L shape gives a..
US$ 16.20 US$ 11.34
We encourage diversity and comfort to elevate the entire experience of wearing t..
US$ 19.44 US$ 12.96
p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #454545} p.p2 {margi..
US$ 16.20 US$ 9.72
Anyone who wears a hijab, wants a headscarf, that’s not just appealing to eyes, but also&n..
US$ 9.72
Bonnet cotton under scarves are the most popular scarves used as an accessory under the hijab. It ha..
US$ 2.43
View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ebtsam Mostfa (@ebtsammostfa) on Ja..
US$ 9.72 US$ 4.86
Shaima is an Arabic word that means “One who has many beauty spots” or “One who ..
US$ 16.20
Hijab is a symbol of elegance as well as a fashion accessory at the same time. It can either make or..
US$ 9.72
Dalalid Hijab is a fantastic and timeless hijab scarf from Kuwait. It has the well-known super soft ..
US$ 16.20 US$ 8.10
There is a perfect hijab for every person and occasion. However, if you want something more than ord..
US$ 19.44 US$ 11.34
Hijab Najmah is one of our introductory hijabs as it was included in our line of hijab from the very..
US$ 16.20 US$ 8.10
Design Anwar is a beautifully decorated cotton jersey hijab with rhinestones on the whole long side ..
US$ 14.58 US$ 12.15
Our chiffon hijab fabrics are as good as our jerseys. This chiffon scarf decorated with pearls and r..
US$ 16.20 US$ 11.34
Our high-quality chiffon scarves were tailored to meet your desire for a 'non-slip' and 'non see-thr..
US$ 16.20 US$ 11.34
Hijab Lulwah is a beautiful example of creativity. It is combined of shiny white crystals and big si..
US$ 16.20 US$ 11.34
Cotton hijabs are most of the time thicker than jerseys, but it will give a cozy and comfortable fee..
US$ 12.96 US$ 8.10
One of our most favourite head scarf is Cotton Hijab Scarf is an awesome choice for both winter and ..
US$ 9.72 US$ 8.10
Cotton hijab with Embroidered Lace is the most elegant hijab in its league. This type of cotton fabr..
US$ 19.44 US$ 14.58
Fatomina's Cotton Shayla Hijab is one of the softest cotton hijab in the world with a elasticity ins..
US$ 11.34 US$ 8.10
Hijab Hadeer is a beautiful crinkle scarf designed with white shiny crystals. It is one of our new s..
US$ 14.58 US$ 11.34
Fitness Style Hijab is a very soft and comfortable sporty jersey scarf. You can easily match this hi..
US$ 11.34 US$ 8.10

Everything was perfect!

"Everything was perfect and I am very pleased. I recommend their hijabs online for every single persn. Thank you so much! I will order again for sure!"
Gada from Germany 


Your hijab store is amazing!!

"I just want to thank you, I received my package today, the scarves are amazing and I place my new order now. Your hijab store is amazing!!"
Mona from USA 


I love the quality!

"I love the quality and the big veriety of this hijab shop. I appriciate so much the cheap hijab prices you offer because these are way the best ones I ever seen, but the quality is as high as the expensive ones. thank you so much inshallah I will be your loyal client and will definitely recommend your brand to my friends."
Amirah from UK 


I love this hijab store!

"I love the big variety of the new designs and that all colours are available. It is also nice that I can buy again some of my favourite but older designs and it is all still available. The colours look as it is showing and the quality is much higher than in other hijabs stores."
Maryam from Kuwait 

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Why buy from us?

Numerous online stores cater to selling beautifully crafted hijabs that are modern looking, stylish, easy on the pocket, and of high quality.

One such store that sells hijabs online is Fatomina. We have a wide option of hijabs that are handcrafted, intricately designed, made out of the highest quality materials, and are both comfortable and luxurious.

We specialize in selling a huge variety of hijabs, something that is difficult to find at any local hijab store. The different kinds of hijabs available on our website are luxury hijabs, plain hijabs, lace hijabs, and Swarovski hijabs.
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Why buy hijabs online?
Hijab is a traditional form of clothing wear, worn by women, to cover their heads. Hijab is worn throughout the day, for multiple occasions and to match different outfits. Due to this, there are varied options for hijabs present in the market. From different colours to the material of the hijab, to patterns on the hijab, to the size of the hijab, women have unlimited choice to choose from.

Since everyone does not commonly wear Hijab, it can get a little difficult to find a hijab shop, locally, that fulfills the desire of a hijab, a woman is looking for. In such situations, online hijab selling websites come to their rescue.
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Fatomina is an online hijab store and manufacture and design studio, a creator of hijab fashion.

We help thousands of muslimas worldwide and offer the largest selection of scarves online.

We can do whatever you desire!

The commitment to our community and keeping our quality high and the prices low makes us the stand out in the world of hijab fashion. 

We have our own workshop only work with the best fabrics where we manufacture all our beauitul hijabs and create new and fresh hijab fashion everyday.

This is the reason why our customers fell in love with Fatomina.


We are very proud of our huge selection and this is one more reason why our lovely hijabi customers keep coming back to us.

Hijab shopping should be easy and convenient,

Fatomina have the largest range of hijabs and head scarves online. We are continually commited to providing the cheapest prices for our hijabs and modest islamic clothing. 

Our hijab shop covers the entire range of hijab fashion.

We send hijabs from the capital of Hijab Fashion, from Kuwait with love to all over the world to help muslim women who wants to wear stylish, comfortable and modern hijabs.


We love our visitors, blog followers, customers, every single one of Fatomina Family!

Since 2015 So when you show us love, by buying our islamic clothing, we like to show our gratitude.

We already set for you free international shipping on orders above $35 and Therefore we will surprise you with a free gift on orders over $100! 


Fatomina is not just an ordinary online hijab store. It is also hijab innovation center with a design studio, a manufacturing workshop and a creator of the latest hijab fashion since 2015.

We are based in Kuwait City the capital of modest fashion. All the latest hijab styles and modest clothing fashion seen first here before it spreads all over the world. 

We work with the highest quality fabrics, lace and crystals. We also make Swarovski hijabs.

  • Jersey Hijab

  • Chiffon Hijab

  • Cotton Hijab

  • Kashmiri Hijab

  • And many Other Hijabs

We revolutionsied hijab shopping by coming up with new and fresh hijab styles every week and since you are directly buying from us the manufacturers we will provide you with far the best prices and have no limitation of creativity.


We supply many businesses including company uniform, hijab shops, sole traders or even community sellers.

Our service is super flexible and we can make anything you have in mind. 

  • Competetive wholesale prices
  • Express Door to door shipping
  • Careful Quality Check Procedure



Do you want to sell our hijabs without buying stock?

Are you an influencers and would like to partner up?

If, these answers are yes, then you are in the right place. Start selling online and be the part of our family by referring customers through social media, hijab blogs, dropshipping websites or by a referral link placed in your Facebook group.


We carefully check every single hijabs before we pack them and therefore there won't be any damages unlike at other hijab stores.

We have a triple check quality control process to make sure everything is high quality.

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