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Hijab Batul

-33% Hijab Batul

Hijab is said to be a symbol closely associated with Islam and hijab is often recognised something to be worn by Muslim women, though it does not have to be. However, Hijabs that are specific to be connected with religion must conform with the religious needs, so is Hijab Batul. It can be rightly assumed as hijab muslim.

Lace Hijab with Tassels

Hijab Batul is a stretchable hijab with meshy lace design. Dangling tassels make it more attractive. Floral patterned lace is quite breezy.

Extremely fluffy tassels hang around the corners and are ready to bounce with you when you step out wearing this style.

Hijab Veil

Mostly hijabs cover the hair, neck and ears while can leave the face exposed but Hijab Batul is a hijab veil. Hijab Batul is one hijab that promotes modesty and also protects you with a veil. 

Light Weight Composition 

Hijab Batul is a veil usually made of very light material and is beautifully sewed with lace at the edges with intricate detailing. 

An Instant Veil Hijab

Hijab Batul has a sheer fabric so doesn’t need much ironing and is a time-saver. The very benefit of wearing such an instant hijab is that you are not worried about carrying a lot of pins to style it. Just drape it casually and go on your way. You can wear this hijab all day long without destroying your style.


  • Hijab Batul is made from single stretch cotton material different from the double stretch jersey
  • The long rectangle fabric of a definite hijab size is favourable for wearing a veil. 
  • Its soft texture is exceptionally wonderful.

Why buy this Hijab?

  • Lightweight 
  • Laced hijab with tassels
  • Breathable
  • Instant veil

This is a perfect hijab for any woman who wants something more than ordinary. It can also be worn as a veil. When you buy a hijab make sure it becomes your style statement.

Rest assured, it will turn out to be a joyful experience. Stay beautiful and humble by making Hijab Batul a part of your everyday wardrobe.

It is an affordable piece of clothing that combines quality and affordability which is rare to find, so, avail the opportunity NOW!

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