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18 different Hijab Styles to Wear Your Hijab with SWAG

31/08/2019 1 Comment(s)

lace hijab style


Who says wearing a Hijab has to be boring?


Looking beautiful is every woman’s right. And now the good news is Muslim women too can look prettier and elegant by practicing their religious obligation - Hijab, while looking chic at the same time.


Contrary to what most women believe, wearing a hijab doesn’t stop you from looking beautiful; rather, it adds to your modesty and beauty provided you wrap it an elegant way.


It’s not only about what you wear, its how you wear it and how well you can carry something that makes a real difference.


Check out our huge variety of beautiful hijab styles.



How To Wear A Hijab In A Simple Style


1st Step: Wrap a long rectangular scarf over your head keeping one side longer than the other.


2nd Step: Pinning both sides of the scarf together under your chin is an easy way to go.


3rd Step: Make sure you wear your scarf in a way that the longer end of your scarf is flipped


4th Step: Flip the same end back to the front of the other shoulder.


5th Step: finally, spread both the ends of your scarf on your chest in order to cover it.


chiffon hijab


Some ideas to swag with hijab


In order for you to have swag with hijab, following are some of our recommendations.



1. Always Match your hijab with your outfit


To have a glamorous look, always matching your hijab with your outfit (or even wearing a contrasted hijab can add a lot of swag). Alhamdililla, you can find all the colours you can imagine at our jersey hijab or chiffon hijab sections.



2. You can Always Pair Your Hijab


With baggy pants, skinny jeans, maxi skirts, long dresses, polka dotted dresses and many other ways, whatever brings out a star in you! 

You can also spice up your style with some pretty crystal hijabs like our luxury hijab collection or some hijabs with french lace.



3. P(a)inless Hijab


No matter how many pins you buy, those guys always find a way to get lost. And even if you do have pins, sometimes you just don’t have enough time to gently and slowly ease them in, and getting pricked in the head doesn’t exactly seem like a good alternative either. So for those times, all you have to do is take a long rectangular scarf and just wrap it around your head, with the longer end on your preferred shoulder.



4. Showing It Off Style


Sometimes it truly seems like a waste to wrap a beautifully printed scarf around your head and distort the exquisite designs, so for those unique pieces, we have a solution for you! Just make sure to spread one corner across your chest (or torso if it happens to be long enough,) before tying it on your head like you would usually do.



5. The Lollapalooza Style


Hey, just because you wear a hijab doesn’t mean you have to look like Plain Jane at music festivals. And even if you’re not going to a festival, no harm in looking like you are, yeah? Just to spice up your usual wedding or party look add some Instagram worthy headdresses/headbands that haunt your explore page to a preferably light coloured hijab (nude is highly recommended,) to really make the accessories stand out. If the accessories are embellished with stones, a darker colour like maroon or royal blue (black, even!) can make you look really elegant. You can even add some rings to the corner of your hijab and keep it over your shoulder to show off your creativity.



6. The Timeless Side Pin


A simple scarf pinned on the side is the most practical hijab look of all time and has a timeless elegance to it. The best part about it is that it doesn’t look as effortless as it is and stays in place all day. Just wrap your hijab around your head and thread a lone pin twice on the more easily reached side of your head. Be careful not to stab yourself though, because believe me, that tends to happen a lot more than one can bear.



7. The Ear Flash Hijab


One of the most comfortable ways to wear a hijab is to loosely tie it from behind your ears so you can rock your favourite pair of studs and also, the increased jaw mobility makes eating much easier.



8. The Gown Queen


Believe it or not, the right hijab over a gown can take your outfit to the next level. If you really want to feel like royalty, arrange a hijab of the same colour as your clothes and accessorize it as discussed in Number 5. It should preferably not come lower than your chest, to show off the gown you have on. Granted, this style is really main stream nowadays, but hey, that just means you can get more inspiration from Google.



9. Hijab Over Saree


Now this is where it gets tricky. Seldom has someone pulled off a hijab over a saree  and lived to tell the tale, so you’ve got to be extra careful with this combination. Not as true and tested as the hijab over gown look, but the basic rules are the same; keep it short, choose the same shade as your saree (especially, if the saree is more than one colour,)  and add some accessories if you like. When you pull it off, be prepared to definitely stand out.



10. Arabic Style Hijab


Add the word ‘Arabic’ to anything and it will instantly become luxurious. Hijab is certainly no exception. To really get that voluminous look, the work starts before the hijab. Pile your hair up as much as it is humanly possible before wrapping your hijab around your head. To kick it up a few notches, add as many scarves as your heart desires (and head tolerates) to get the authentic Arabic look.


You can also try our special hijabs.



11. The Glasses Wearing Hijabi


For the times when you just feel like wearing a pair of sunglasses or maybe just ditching contact lenses for the day, hijab can start feeling like a major hindrance. But, fear not because, alas, we have that covered too. Wear a hijab tube cap before loosely wrapping your hijab around your head. This cap will cover your hair and also keep your hijab from moving, but your glasses will slide on and off your face smooth as butter.



12. The Jeans Wearing Hijabi


Often, hijab and jeans can feel as far from each other as the two poles. So in situations like these styling them together can be a real challenge. Pick a solid colour which is the same or contrasting with your outfit to make a statement. Monochrome colours tend to look really good in an outfit like this with some plain sneakers.


We have a very cool jeans style jersey hijab.



13. The Modern Hijabi


Just because you’re wearing a traditional piece of clothing doesn’t mean you can’t look modern.

Wearing a hijab over a dress has never looked so chic. Loosely drape a simple but uniquely coloured scarf on your head to stand out, but also to look decent at the same time, over your choice of outfit and let it float down towards your torso.


Find different type of hijabs here!



14. Hijab In Winter


Just because it is chilly outside doesn’t mean that you will have to compromise on your hijab’s style or function, I’m telling you, you can have both! Tightly wrap a knitted headscarf around your head, before topping it off with your scarf of choosing. It can be a woollen scarf if you are in the mood to layer. Try to wear turtlenecks to reduce reliance on your hijab for warmth. Another alternative is to wear ear mufflers over your hijab or even a beanie if it is exceptionally cold outside.



15. Hijab In Summer


Cotton scarves are the way to go for summer! Choose light coloured scarves and wrap them loosely around your face and neck to maximise air flow and minimise sweating, and you’ll remain as cool as a cucumber all summer.


We recommend a hijab style in our online store especially for summer, Light Summer Turkey Cotton Hijab.


The turban style is also a very practical choice if you are willing to take a bit of a risk. You can also rock jewellery on your ears and neck this way.



16. Hijab For School


The traditional way to wrap a hijab and pin it in place might seem like a good idea for school because it will stay in place all day, but it’s really not. Between P.E. and running class to class you will inevitably sweat and end up feeling really suffocated by the end of the day. The best way to wear a hijab would be to tightly wrap a scarf in a turban style around your head. This way your neck will not feel suffocated and most importantly, your hijab will stay in place too.



17. Hijab Style For Eid


Eid is one of those rare occasions where no dress code is set in stone so there is plenty of room to experiment and express who you are. Depending on the weather wear brightly printed cotton or knitted scarves. One of my personal favourites are the printed silk scarves. However those do tend to be very slippery, so I would recommend making use of those pesky hijab caps that were mentioned earlier.



18. Hijab Style For You


As seen above there are plenty of hijab trends that can be followed. But the question is, which one is best for you? The best way to find out, of course, would be to try them all out. But since you are already here, the least we can do is to tell you what the general consensus is about what kind of hijab best suits a person with a specific kind of face shape.


1. Hijab Style For A Round Shape Face


Chubby cheeks are nothing to be ashamed about, but sometimes wrapping your hijab really tightly around your face can make your face look even more rounder, so for all my squishy cheeked sisters out there, try wearing your hijab more loosely and spreading the scarf over your chest to give the impression of a longer face.


2. Hijab Style For An Oval Shaped Face: 


Whereas in the last scenario we were trying to make the face look longer, here it is the opposite, but the same rules apply. Tie the scarf loosely around your head and spread it over half of your chest to give the impression of a rounder face. Ah, isn’t the grass always greener on the other side.


3. Hijab Style For A Diamond Shaped Face:


These type of faces are considered to be the best, so it should come as no surprise that for these lucky people, turban style hijabs are recommended to show off their amazingly proportionate bone structures. Hold one corner of the turban in your mouth and start wrapping the cloth around your head repeatedly. Once done, take the end out of your mouth and tuck it in.


4. Hijab Style For A Heart Shaped Face:


A heart shaped face is arguably one of the best face shapes out there so once again the hijab will accentuate the bone structure. Wrap a scarf a couple times around your head or a couple scarves around your head, (read that again,) whichever you prefer, to add volume around your face. If you are feeling particularly crazy you could also opt for the Arabian Hijab, because everyone knows you would rock it!


For anyone who thinks that hijabs are just limited to one style, they are wrong. There are so many kinds of hijabs available that one can be spoilt for choice.

Hijabs are mainly a form of veil or cover wrap that a woman wears for various religious and personal reasons. Hijab has been a symbol of modesty and feminism as it gives a choice to a woman to either wear it or not to represent her precepts.


Hijabs can be worn in different styles, which differs from culture to culture. The different styles of wearing hijabs have evolved over the years. For women who do like to wear hijabs, there are innumerable options available in the market.

Some of the different kinds of hijabs available in the market, both offline and online, are: Some like to wear it as a simple hijab. This only covers the hair of the woman and can be worn in any style, as long as it completely hides the visibility of the hair.


A Niqab is a kind of covering, worn by women. Niqabs are worn to cover the whole head and face of the woman by leaving only the eye visible. In some cultures and countries, burqas are worn. These are another form of covering which completely hides the whole face and body of a woman.





Hijabs represent different things for different people. Some consider it as a symbol of oppression, while some view it as a symbol of empowerment and choice. However, it is entirely out of the choice of an individual that they choose to wear hijabs.


People prefer to wear hijabs after interpreting their customs and culture and religious principles on their own terms. Hijabs have been a topic of debate and have been at the receiving end of both good views and bad views. In the end, wearing a hijab is a very personal choice and is worn by anyone, as long as they are comfortable with what it represents for them. Wearing hijabs should not come with mandatory obligations, and wearing them should entirely be a personal choice and way out.


So, whatever your reasons may be for wearing or considering wearing a hijab, feel confident in your choice and style your hijab the way you like it! Freedom of choice is your right and no one can take it away from you. We hope that we have convinced you that wearing a hijab does not mean that you can’t follow the latest trends anymore, or that you cannot express yourself through your clothing any longer. Instead, we aim to show you that hijabs can be quite versatile and can even take your outfit up a few notches if worn the right way.


And the best part is you can also order all types of hijab online from us without you having to rush every hijab store in search of unique hijabs. We made sure you will get the best price of course!



Final words...


So ladies no matter, if you are size 0 or size 5, if you are fat, thin, or underweight, if you are fair or have a pale skin tone. There’s a right hijab for all of you. You can choose from a variety of hijabs available at our hijab store online. One hijab that never gets out of trend is jersey hijab, we highly recommend it. You can also take advantage of our luxurylace and plain hijabs as per your need and requirements.


And guess what, we even offer worldwide free shipping above $35 purchase.


Hopefully, you all found this article very helpful and will feel a tad bit more enlightened and stylish the next time you put a hijab on.






Sound off in the comments!

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