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5 Main Lace Hijab Designs

24/12/2018 0 Comment(s)

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Lace hijabs were first made in Kuwait, then in no time became one of the most popular hijab styles in the Gulf States and shortly it spread across the world. These headscarves are so pretty and can spice up any outfits.

There are 5 main types of lace hijab designs and of course, they can vary even further depending on the type of lace they were manufactured with. At Fatomina Hijab Store and Manufacture, we usually use a lot of French lace and eyelash lace to when it comes to lace hijab fashion.


1. Half Lace Half Cotton


This was the first lace hijab ever made in the history of the hijab fashion. A plain hijab is cut half and sewed together with most beautiful French lace. It is super easy to style and the lace usually lays around the head. The more detailed version is Hijab Jamilah, it has an additional pearl embellishment on the fabric.


Our hijab store also has this kind of lace hijab and you can find it under the name of Hijab Yasmine.


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2. Embroidered Lace Hijab in L Shape


Embroidered Lace Hijab in L Shape or also known as Hijab Habiba in our online store is the most popular lace scarf right now. The lace is embroidered into the fabric and lays in an L Shape both on the long and the short side of the hijab. It is very flexible to wear and gives a lot of freedom to style it. 


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3. Embroidered Lace on the Side


Embroidered at the short side and usually goes more deep inside the fabric than the L shaped one.

Hijab Zeinab is a perfect example of this type of lace hijab.


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4. Lace on the Long Side of the Hijab


If, you like a little bit more modest type of lace hijab than Hijab Beshayer is for you. Its lace is not so wide and made of eyelash lace. The lace sewed all the way on the long side and looks pretty when you style it around your face.


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5. Full Lace Hijabs


Full lace scarves are the latest innovations in the world of hijab fashion. It comes in various different laces and looks very elegant. However, most of the time require a matching underscarf for the full coverage.


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