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5 Popular Pearl Hijab Styles

22/01/2019 0 Comment(s)

Pearl hijabs are very beautiful and loved in the world of hijab fashion. I collected the most wanted pearl hijabs in our hijab store.


1. Hijab Aseel


Aseel made from many little pearls and decorates all the long side of the hijab. This way the pearls will be shown around your head while you are wearing the scarf. Most of the time the pearls are coming in a white colour, but sometimes we also add different colours of pearls to help you with even more options for this pearl hijab design.


Shop for Hijab Aseel




2. Hijab Salma

Salma is a gorgeous hijab design. It is made on a very soft and stretchy jersey fabric and can spice up any kind of outfit. Very easy to style and gives a comfortable feeling too.

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3. Hijab Asmah


Asmah is similar to Salma but differs in the design of the hijab. It looks like a flower and decorates the long side of the hijab, therefore you can show the style around your head.

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4. Hijab Lulu


Lulu is using big round pearls that gives so much elegance to the hijab scarf. You can get it on 2 different materials.

You can find Design Lulu on Jersey Hijab or on Crincle Kashmiri Hijab




5. Hijab Nouf


Some hijab designs are so beautiful and perfectly made, just look at the photo and you will love it.

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These are the best selling pearl hijab designs. I hope you like them too.

Please leave a comment below which one is your favourite.

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