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Fitness Hijabs - Providing Comfort and Modesty

11/01/2020 1 Comment(s)

A woman’s crown, a symbol of oppression, a sign of fanaticism, and a symbol of modesty. Hijab has been called a lot of things until now but never a fashion item. But the times are changing. Designers are adapting to the more modest needs of the young and growing Muslim fashion market.

“Hijab is the oyster. You are the pearl.” - Anonymous

There are various types of hijabs available in the market now and these business-savvy fusions of faith and fashion are meant to appeal to practicing Muslims but they have also caught the attention of those outside the religion.

“Many more people are becoming accepting of hijab, and it’s also showing up a lot more in media”. - IIkhlas Hussain

Various young girls and women have taken to the internet to display their passion for the hijab.

With hijab becoming so popular not just in the Muslim community but outside it too, it is made of a variety of materials such as linen, cotton, chambray, jersey, etc. Earlier, hijab was found mostly in black color but now you can find it in various colors and even prints.


The recent trend that we have in hijabs is the fitness hijabs which can be worn during running, jogging, gymming, workout, and yoga. Sports is one such area where wearing a hijab can pose multiple challenges. These challenges can be linked to the potential physical limitations of modest clothing that can restrict movement or be uncomfortable to wear during strenuous exercise. But with the fitness hijabs available easily in every hijab store, this is not the case anymore. This is because in recent years, the clothing industry has increasingly responded to Muslim women’s desire to find easy and practical solutions that adress the difficulties of wearing a hijab during physical exercise.


Muslim women across the globe are breaking down the perception that they are different from other atheletes by actively competing in all types of sports, for audiences to see them as competitors above all else. But it is also true that every woman who has worked out in a hijab has gone through the unpleasant experience of the material of hijab sticking to their necks, the endless flapping around and the ugly sweat stains. Your everyday chiffon and cotton hijabs can make you feel comfortable and look amazing on other occasions but when it comes to breaking out sweat, they don’t work.


With more and more hijab stores producing various kinds of hijab, active Muslims don’t have to worry about searching for a sports hijab. It is essential to keep certain things in mind while buying a fitness hijab:



Conformity With Central Belief


In Islamic countries, wearing a hijab is a matter of pride and respect. If you wear it, it garners a sense of respect for you from your community. Wearing a hijab indicates a dedication and commitment to uphold your morals, and to honor the commandments of your faith. Hence, when buying a hijab, make sure that you are conforming to those beliefs.





The purpose of hijab is to make you feel comfortable. Hijab serves both as a literal and metaphorical veil. Hence, it is important that when you wear a hijab, it suits the dimension of your face and is not uncomfortable. You should be absolutely comfortable with your hijab, in terms of physical fitting and other visual factors such as color and design.





Just like other clothing, you will have to pay a lot of attention to the type of material that the hijab is made of. If you actively engage in sports often, you will need a softer material that prioritizes extra cooling factors. You must opt for polyester jersey material that is highly stretchable and dries quickly. The best part about this material is that it comes in a range of colors in case you want to spice up your workout outfit.





If you workout regularly, you can go for the cap design or racerback design hijab that provides extra protection and allows you full hand movement, while the loose vest ensures that you don’t lose your chest coverage. Fitness hijabs are also available in a pull-on design and long back, which means you won’t have to worry about the hijab coming untucked during your workout session.





Generally when people buy clothes, they have a time frame in mind for how long a particular item of clothing will last for them. Every clothing item has a specific life span. After a certain time span, it can either go out of fashion or it will get worn out, losing its charm. These two things must be kept in mind when you buy any piece of clothing, not just a hijab. If you feel that the fitness hijab you are buying will always be on trend and is durable, you can invest a good amount of money into it since it is also a necessity. But if that is not the case, don’t pay a heavy amount for it. Always dress well and invest better!


With this, you can find the perfect hijab for your workout and yoga sessions easily from any hijab store. You will find sports hijabs in different styles, for different levels of modesty, style, preferences, and uses. With fitness hijabs, you can stay modest in comfort as you workout and play hard!

1 Comment(s)

Lyla Peterson:
27/01/2020, 09:56:55 AM

I'm glad you mentioned that if you play sports, you will need fabric with cooling properties. My friend has been talking about joining a softball team, but she wasn't sure what to do about her hijab. I will advise her to look for sports-specific hijabs with wicking fabrics.

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