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Formal Outfit Ideas - Combining Modesty With Trendy

21/11/2019 0 Comment(s)

Are you someone who just graduated and is interviewing for jobs? Congratulations! Or you might be someone returning to work after some time off, and need to know about the latest trends in formal wear that you can wear during your interview and everyday at work.


Or you might simply love formal attire and like to pair it up with the trendy hijabs you bought from our hijab store last time you went shopping. Well, figuring out what attire is formal and what is casual and then deciding what will look good with a hijab can be a tiresome job.


Luckily, we have put together a cheat sheet to modest formal wear and how to style it with a hijab. Usually, flattering pencil skirts, smart blazers, and silk chemises are the way to get a polished, effortless formal chic look. All you need to learn are some guidelines on how to pair up these pieces of clothing with your hijabs.


In fact, you need to know some simple and easy tricks on how to pick the right outfit and what to expect in terms of how you want to look in formal attire. Check out these outfit ideas to rock the formal look!



The Pencil Skirt Look


A pencil skirt is surely among the most timeless silhouettes in fashion and for good reasons. It gives a flattering look when worn right, on just about every figure. You can pair it up with a tucked-in shirt or belted jacket.


A black pencil skirt is a wardrobe staple and can be worn with anything from a matching jacket to a blazer to achieve a feminine formal look. Go for a similarly coloured top and bottom, and choose a contrasting hijab to complement your overall look. While going for all black, you can choose a nude hijab which looks very soothing and formal and is easily available in our hijab store.

You can also try checked skirts paired up with an elegant top or a white shirt tucked-in with a black pencil skirt.



The Blazer Look


Blazer is an evergreen piece when it comes to formal outfits. The major advantage of this piece of clothing is that it can be styled in several ways. And when it comes to experimenting with fashion, there are no limits.


You can go for a printed top and pair it up with a solid coloured blazer and a comfortable pair of denim jeans. Add a smart pair of heels and a hijab that matches your blazer to complete the look. Never forget to wear a formal style watch.


A dark blue or black blazer can be worn with a white shirt underneath. You can also go for a pastel colour blazer and match it with a pastel coloured hijab. Pastel-coloured hijabs are the talk of the town and one of the most popular types of hijabs in every hijab store.


Some fashion bloggers and influencers pair blazers with unexpected and contrasting pieces like a vintage-style pair of jeans.



The Formal Suit Look


If you have worked in an office before, attended a corporate meeting or had a professional interview, you will understand the challenge of formal dressing. Business attire is more confusing than ever before, where it is difficult to strike the perfect balance between professionalism and style.


Luckily, we have the smart suits option which makes a woman look professional, stylish, and modest at the same time. You can go for an all grey, black, or blue suit which is both trendy and elegant. You can opt for something more contemporary, and go for a pastel-coloured suit such as pastel pink or pastel green which looks very soothing and stylish. Wear a white shirt underneath and complete the look with a matching or nude hijab, and a good pair of heels.


You can also wear a white formal suit with a printed hijab, which is again very popular among all hijab stores. A stylish bag and minimal jewellery is all that you need to complete this look.



Coordinate Set Look


Coordinate sets or matching sets are a recent trend that is ruling the market and online stores. It is basically an upper and bottom made with the same fabric and in the same print. It indeed looks super stylish, gorgeous, and makes you look complete.


Such sets are not only popular in formal wear but are also worn by women in parties, on casual days, and for big events. They have certainly become a favourite trope in fashion. Coordinate sets are more versatile than the tailored office or cocktail dress, more functional than jumpsuits, potentially less corporate than a trouser suit and a way to introduce prints and bright colours without a long term commitment to a head-to-toe look.


You can try a coordinate set of a top and pants or a top with a pencil skirt. Both these looks will just look amazing as formal attire. Add a stylish sling bag, a smart pair of peep toes, and a watch to complete this look. Since this look is quite modern and different than other looks, you can experiment with the style of hijab too. Try wearing a turban hijab, which is easily available in our hijab store.


So now when you know about some of the looks you can achieve with a hijab, you also need to know about some formal staples you need in your wardrobe.


  • A well made blazer
  • An elegant and sophisticated dress
  • A nice, professional accessory like a watch
  • Comfortable and appropriate work pants
  • Low heels that you can comfortably walk all day in
  • A spacious and high-quality bag
  • A basic versatile t-shirt
  • A warm and formal cardigan
  • And obviously, trendy hijabs!


With these staples, you can achieve so many formal looks. You don’t need to have a lot of money to style in a classy way. Simply take pride in what you own and put on your best face when you go out in the world.

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