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Hijabs - Different Hijab Styles To Wear This Season

04/03/2020 1 Comment(s)

Hijabs are traditional wear of Muslims and worn mostly when they are surrounded by outsiders and especially the men. Basically, Hijab is a piece of cloth that covers the head and chest portion to both stylize and create a decent look too. 


However, these Hijabs can be found in distinct materials like cotton, linen, polyester, and more including the combined material as well. Now the question comes of what Hijab style would fit you the best.


Here below are shared some of the exciting and interesting hijab styles that you can try this season.


Let’s get started. 


1. Pearl Lace Hijab


The hijabs embedded with pearls have been the broadly picked statement by ladies who want to create an elegant and stylish appearance. Such hijabs made from chiffon or other material type give an alternate look to the pearls enhancing the overall personality of women. However, the hijab can look more embellishing with pearls on it completely rather than fringes on the sides of the laces.



pearl lace hijab
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2. Layered Hijab


Layered Hijabs are counted in the list of best hijab styling that gives an elegant and enchanting look to the face. These hijabs can be found in any of the material be it cotton or chiffon having prints or jewel work to enhance the appeal. Easy to wear, the hijab accompanies a few layers on the head as well as on the chest.


3. Embroidery Hijab


The hijab design style gives a famous view when the top part of the hijab is woven with a brilliant string. The hijab is made with a comparable structure for a total match, without falling on the chest region. Such a hijabs cover the head and the neck while it falls on the posterior. The weaving on the top is made with a brilliant string that makes such hijabs perfect wear for marriage functions and more.


embroidered hijab


embroidery hijab

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4. Floral Charm Hijab


The plain satin hijabs in the neutral colors with floral charms on it add elegance to suitable occasions. 


All of these hijab styles give a fantastic and appealing look to the overall styling when paired with the right combinations. So, you can count on any of these Hijab styles for casual wear or occasional look and stand out in the crowd. However, you can also visit us at Fatomina where we are specialized in selling a huge variety of hijabs, something that is difficult to find at any local hijab store. So, visit us today and get the appealing hijab with simplicity today.


1 Comment(s)

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