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Best Hijab Caring Tips to Make Your Hijabs last Long

22/09/2019 1 Comment(s)

A woman with hijab deserves to look as beautiful as any other woman without a hijab. Looking beautiful is every woman’s deep hidden desire, but a shabby looking hijab might prove to be a dent on your beauty. 


Why? Because… a great looking hijab not only makes a woman look graceful but also adds confidence to her personality.


I must warn you wearing and caring for your hijab are two different things. Of course, caring for hijab isn’t an easy job, especially when it comes to wearing fancy hijabs and getting it dry cleaned every single day isn’t so affordable for ladies who carry hijab every single day of their lives - at work, formal dinners and gatherings.


And that’s why we often come across one question.. One question we often get asked at our hijab shop is how to care for hijab at home.


Of course we naturally like to wear good quality hijabs that last for a long time, but the secret to long-lasting hijabs and what tips we need to keep in mind in order take good care of our hijabs regularly is what we are talking about in this post today.


We don’t replace our hijabs every day, they come expensive, and we spend hours and hours looking for an ideal one, hence caring for them is as mandatory as taking care of your formal clothes and also if you want to look presentable and your best at every place you show up you need to invest in not only fine looking hijabs but also making sure that they stay the same.


Here’s what I do to take care of my hijabs, so, worry not my lovelies, and get started!



Know how to wear it well


The very first tip I have for you is to know “how to wear your hijab right”. You must know how important it is to wear your hijab right, using all the right kind of accessories - the right kind of pins and safety pins.



  • Avoid using rusty pins, they can easily stain your hijab (especially if it’s a light colored hijab), another thing to look out for are damaged safety pins, they can rip and ruin your gorgeous looking hijab, hence avoid them as much as possible.


Treat stains as soon as possible


Don’t let stains stay on your hijab for long; anything can leave an ugly dent on your hijab you never know.



  • Be careful while using sunscreen, lotions, make up, etc. they can easily leave an ugly scar and damage your otherwise decent looking hijab.
  • Though it’s impossible but try to avoid incidents like spills and other food mishaps, and if happens, make sure you instantly wash the affected area.
  • The best way to save your hijab is to treat your stain right away. The sooner you treat it, the better chances for you to save your expensive hijab from getting ruined.
  • In case of a spot, you don’t have to wash the whole hijab, just treat the particular spot. Put a dab of any detergent on the stain and work on the stain with your fingertips.
  • Just wash the problematic area (stained part) and the surrounding area in cold water (you don’t have to add even the mildest of bleach).
  • You can also try blot clean in case you don’t have immediate access to water or detergent. All you have to do is use a piece of paper towel or toilet paper to dab the stained area.
  • Use a small brush or lint roller in case you are dealing with dry marks to clean your hijab.


Washing your hijabs right


Hand washing


Hand washing is the most recommended method for washing most hijabs, however some washing machines have also hand washing settings. 



  • Try using very mild detergent or castile soap and always rinse off with cold water.
  • Must not use bleach under any circumstances.
  • Make sure to soak light and dark colored hijabs separately.
  • Gently squeeze out the water, do not wring hijabs, it might result in damaging the fabric.
  • In case you happen to wash them in the washing machine, put them in a mesh bag first, and then wash them using cold water at all times, also wash on delicate cycle.


Drying your hijabs right


As simple as it may sound to you but drying your hijab correctly also plays an important role when it comes to your hijab care and making sure that they last long.



  • Hang-dry hijabs is recommended instead of using dryer to dry them. You can easily hang your hijabs on your towel bar to dry or lay them on any flat surface available in your house so that they retain their shape.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, hence, always hang dry them outside in a shaded area, as drying them in direct sunlight may result in fading the fabric.
  • To protect the delicate fabric of hijab, avoid drying hijabs in the dryer.
  • The hijabs needs to be dealt carefully as they can get damaged easily from the heat and friction. Fold them away separately with clothes that have a zipper or hook, etc to avoid getting a hitch.
  • To make sure hijabs don’t shrink or lose their sheen, don’t toss them in the dryer for your convince. Invest some time in taking care of your hijabs.


Ironing Your Hijab Right


It’s better to choose a hijab fabric that requires less ironing to no ironing. You can also use a garment steamer.



  • However, if you happen to have hijabs that require ironing. Always choose the low setting of an iron while ironing your hijab. Also, don’t forget to press on the reverse side of your hijab to protect the natural shine of the fabric.


Caring for Your white hijabs


Now drying your white hijabs in the sun is not a problem.



  • Make sure that you wash your white hijabs separately and dry them in the sunlight as they can’t be faded but becomes whiter and smell fresher.
  • Wash white hijabs separately and dry in the sun to make your white hijabs whiter and smell fresher.


Storing Your Hijabs Right


Make sure to always store your hijabs in clean and dry areas.



  • My best recommendation would be to fold them rather than hanging your hijabs.
  • You can store your hijab in a dresser drawer (it will protect your light hijabs from collecting any dust).
  • DON’T keep on folding your hijabs over and over again on the same line. This can result in your hijab developing a permanent crease and the fabric may tear and start fraying at the crease.
  • Roll your hijabs for special occasions rather than folding them, and storing them in a dry and clean place, they will last long for sure.
  • In case of hijabs that you don’t wear often, you can store them into a resealable container and place mothballs inside; they will protect your hijabs from insects and moths and will keep no clinging odor from your hijab.
  • Never store your hijabs in a damp place, if you can’t find any place, opt for an air tight container with a lid or use resealable garments bags for the purpose.
  • Never store your dirty and unclean hijab, always get them washed/dry cleaned before storing.



Mending and fixing Your Hijab


Getting hijabs stuck in a safety pin is commonplace for hijabis, what to do in case of a snag?



  • Be extra careful while taking out the safety pin so that it doesn’t leave a big hole in your hijab.
  • And in case of any threads being pulled that caused a fabric to bunch, gently smooth it back into shape.
  • Spread your hijab on a flat surface; make use of a toothpick or a sewing needle to move back the threads into their proper place.
  • You can even make use of hems when your hijab starts fraying. Taking in hems gives you a perfect, neat appearance and not to mention, support the edging as well.



Quick Hijab Fixing Hacks



1. Pilling


We all have our go to hijabs for every season that we enjoy wearing a lot. For instance for hot days in summer, I prefer light colored cotton hijabs where as in winter I prefer jerseys and satins, but what happens is when we start wearing a hijab regularly it starts pilling away from all the regular wearing. The piling looks pretty awful and ruin your complete look as it has done to many of my favorite hijabs.


Quick fix


So in case of piling bring out a razor and shave your hijab. (I mean it, please shave your hijabs) I have also shaved many of my clothes before with equal amount of great success. And like you I wasn’t too sure about shaving my hijab, too, since the fabric used for hijab is pretty delicate, but to my surprise the results were great and after shaving them, my hijabs started looking as good as new. Hence, since then I have been enjoying my pill free hijab and advising everyone to do the same.


How to do it?


All you have to do is spread your hijab on a flat surface, smooth surface and shave the affected area. Shave carefully and make sure to avoid bunched up fabric. And there, you have a pill free, brand new hijab ready!



2. Stain


Now another big issue that most people women face on daily basis is staining on hijab. Despite taking great care of their hijabs and avoiding washing them often, women still struggle to keep their hijabs completely stain free.


Dropping food is not unusual, mostly women (especially with toddlers) tend to get stains of juices, ketchup or greese on their hijabs. Sometimes stains go away (if you instantly work on them) but in some cases (especially in a case of greese) they tend to leave an ugly stain or cause discoloration on that particular area.



Quick fix


Washing is quick and fast. For food related stains, use liquid dish-washing detergent related stains on your hijabs and it will work like a charm for you as well as it did for me.


How to do it?


Make sure only wash the stained and the surrounding area and hang to dry.



3. Snag


Snags can easily ruin any decent looking hijab, especially ones with the delicate and soft fabric.


Quick fix


Use a hijab pin or needle to fix a snag, a needle will move the threads back into its place. Later, use your fingertip to gently smooth out the fabric and it will look as good as new.




Additional Hijab Caring Tips


  • Keep separate hijabs for every occasion, for example, keep one for work, and one for casual use and your most elegant hijab for formal gatherings.
  • If you travel often, you should avoid investing in light coloured hijabs.
  • Use dark coloured hijabs because the stains on dark hijabs are not so obvious.
  • Don’t apply any makeup after wearing a hijab.
  • Always look for high quality hijab scarves when you are making your purchase Hijabs with fine fabric tend to last long and don’t get frayed easily.



Final words


I hope you will definitely give a go to these quick hijab fixing hacks. These fixes are quick, effective and consume less time and you don’t have to invest a lot of time or even money to try out these hacks, so, you just relax, and carry on your work and life routine with your hijab looking as beautiful as ever hopefully, after implementing our recommended tips.


If you implement these tips fully, you won’t even need to wash or iron your hijabs often. The key is to invest in hijab care and as soon as you spot an issue, treat it right away or once you are back home to make your hijabs last long.


So these hijab caring tips were quite good, huh? We would love to hear your hijab caring tips now.

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