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Hijab Fabrics Guide 2020

03/03/2018 1 Comment(s)

hijab materials

Learning more about different kind of hijab materials can help you select the best matching hijab that fits you the most. I will introduce you all kind of hijab fabrics from transparent and light weight summer hijabs to thick and warm winter shawls. Fortunately almost all the mentioned type of scarves are available at the hijab store and you can order and try out the ones you like.



1. Shash Hijab


Shash is an arabic word and it means gauze in English. This fabric is named this way because it has holes and it lets the hair breath. The material of this scarf is very elastical similar to the well-known Kuwaiti jersey hijab.


It became very high in fashion in the last two years because of its beautiful texture.  

If you are someone who needs extra care for your hair and want to fix your hijab in a loose way, than it's a great idea to try one of the shash hijabs out.


Why wear this hijab? 

  • Strechable and easy to wrap
  • No need ironing
  • Highly Breathable

You can find this hijab in our store and check out all the colours.

Check it out at the Hijab Store.




2. Jersey Hijab


Jersey scarves are nowadays the leading materials in the middle east and it is everybody's favourite from bloggers to teachers, bosses, employees or a house wife.



Best hijab for women who seek comfortability


Indeed! Jersey hijabs are super comfortable and easy to wear due to their special double stretch. They are very soft and light-weight. It is thick enough for winter and thin enough for summer as well.


Jersey hijab gives the best style when it is pulled tight around the face, but it can be just wrapped around the head easily and fast too.


Our customers favourite hijab material

  • Soft texture, 100% soft cotton and stretch
  • Same hijab that influencers wear such as Dalalid, Sondos, Jamal etc.
  • Double Stretch, very stretchy cotton, 5% elastic
  • Light weight



jersey hijab in hijab fabrics guide

Check out all colours for the best jersey hijab in the market.





3. Kleenex Cotton Hijab


It is not a double stretch fabric, similar to jersey but as light as "kleenex" and a little bit transparent. Looks best with the same colour of underscarf. Due to its light weight, it is a good choice for everyday casual wear.




  • Extremley light 
  • Comfortable



4. Khesha Hijab


This material is described in arabic like sackcloth. It is a very light fabric which has a linen feeling with light elasticity. Amazing for women who have problems with hijab wrapping or just like to wear it looseley. Khesha can be very cool in the summer and warm in winter.



khesha hijab in hijab fabrics guide



  • Light Weight 
  • No need to iron
  • Non-sliding
  • Breathable



5. Crepe Cotton Hijab


As written this lovely fabric is a mixture of cotton and crepon. It is a close material to jersey but a little bit more heavy. Streatchy but still gives some volume to the head. This fabric gives elegance to the hijab.



crepe cotton hijab in hijab fabrics guide



  • Non-sliding
  • Elegant
  • Streatchable



6. Chiffon Hijab


Chiffons are a must in every women's hijab closet. This gorgeous scarf has outstanding colours, best to wear it on occasions with evening dresses or special outfits. Underscarves are needed for this type of hijab and it is highly recommended to match the hijab with the same colour of underscarf. You need a pin to fix chiffon hijabs and it can be very beautiful if it is decorated with a crystal or a pearl.



chiffon hijab in hijab fabrics guide



  • Extremley Light
  • Luxurious
  • Silky Texture



7. Linen Hijab


Linen is a special fabric for women with a unique taste. Linen hijabs are very light and can be worn with or without underscarves. They can also be styled as turbans.



linen hijab in hijab fabrics guide



  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Style
  • Elegant



8. Cashmere Hijab - Kashmiri Hijab


Cashmere is a brand new release of hijab fabric. This special scarf combines many elements of fabrics in one hijab. It is light, streatchy, soft, silky and shiney. It is suitable for both special occassion and casual wear. An underscarf needed in the same colour due to its transparency.



kashmiri or cashmere hijab in hijab fabrics guide




  • Very Light
  • Elegant
  • Streatchable



9. Knitt Hijab


Its lovely texture and comfortability makes knitt hijab an amazing casual style. Threads are woven in two colours which gives the fabric a washed design. It can also be worn as an everyday scarf for your neck.


  • Soft
  • Easy to Wrap
  • Non-sliding


10. Jeans Jersey Hijab


It is in the jersey hijab's family, but looks like jeans. If you are a fan of jeans then this one can give your wardrobe a big favour.


  • No need ot iron
  • Stretchy and Light Weight
  • Comfortable


11. Pashmina Scarf


In every women's closet there is a pashmina hijab, why? Because they are cute, have a nice soft texture, can be used as scarves, nice for every season, good to wear for casual days. Jeans and linen wear are the best choice for pashmina scarves


  • Soft Texture
  • Non-sliding


12. Full Lace Hijab


Full lace hijabs are always come back into fashion because they are classics, sweetening your outfit and making it look more feminine. They were born to wear with dresses, suites and they go even with casual wear. Underscarves are recommended for lace hijabs.


  • Light weight
  • No need to iron
  • Non-Sliding

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Salaam..I am looking into Francis that are heavy weight and does not cling to body or show shape in any way..please help! Thanking you in advance

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