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Underscarf Guide

15/01/2019 2 Comment(s)

We got a lot of emails recently to write some posts regarding under scarves and explain more about all the different types of under scarves.

There are so many hijab underscarf types exists in the world hijab fashion, but all of them serves the same purpose to give you full coverage and let you play with hijab styling as you wish.

As a start, we collected 3 + 1 main types.



What is an Underscarf?


It is a small piece of fabric most of the time made from soft jersey or any other comfortable material. It is used right under the hijab to help you more in securing your coverage.

These days underscarves are available in many colours to help you match the colour with the hijab you wear.

Under scarves are the most important accessories when it comes to hijab. They help you to wear transparent and slippery hijabs and also help you to fix your hijab style without any difficulty.

An under scarf can come in many different shapes, some of them even with lace or crystals and due to the huge selection of under scarves, you can easily choose the most comfortable one for yourself.


Types of Underscarves


1. Bonnet or Tube Under Scarf


Bonnets are the most popular under scarves currently and it looks like a tube with an open ending. These tube under scarves are the simplest way to give some support for your chosen hijab style.


Check out our Bonnet Tube Under Scarf colour collection.




2. Underscarf with Tie

Under scarves with a tie are made from the same soft elastic cotton material just like the bonnet. You can tie the underscarf and can be closed at the back.

Buy hijab underscarf with a tie!




3. Under Cap


The under caps are functioning turbans and will cover all your hair. It also has a short piece of carton at the front to give strength to the under scarf.

Find Under Caps here!




4. Ninja Underscarf (Bonus)


The “ninja underscarf” is a special one. It gives you full coverage for your hair and even for your neck. This type is very comfortable and simple to use. It is still a good solution even if you don’t wish to wrap a hijab around your neck.


Here you go! These are the 3 + 1 main basic underscarf types for start.

Please leave us a comment below which one is your favourite under scarf and why.

2 Comment(s)

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