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Jersey Hijab or Chiffon Hijab?

26/10/2019 1 Comment(s)

When you are looking at hijabs online, a common complaint is that you can’t get the same feeling for the hijab and how it is going to be in real life. You find it confusing to sort through fabrics and patterns, making an online hijab shop a frustrating place.



We are different. We understand that when you come to a hijab store, you want to feel as comfortable and in control as a classic store on the street. To help demystify the online hijab shopping experience, we’re here to educate you on two of the most common materials: jersey and chiffon. Both have advantages and they are very different from each other. 


Let’s dive in and see which one is best for what you need.




Jersey hijabs



    Jersey hijabs have quite a few perks to them when you want something that can be used for a variety of occasions. Some of the leading options are below for you to look at, but it’s important to know that this is not an exhaustive list.


  • Fabric offers stretch: When you are looking at jersey, the fabric naturally has a bit of stretch to it. This is perfect for when you are looking at something that can serve in multiple uses and purposes. The subtle stretch holds its shape but makes it an adjustable style.


  • Breathable fabric: While it is considered to be a medium weight fabric, jersey is breathable and comfortable to wear. This is great if you are spending any amount outside or in hot weather.  Jersey is also moisture wicking for ultimate comfort.


  • Great for multiple purposes: Another perk to jersey hijabs is that they are intended for multiple purposes. From everyday use to workouts to lounging, they will be practical and fit and adjust as needed.


  • No pins needed: Lastly, a jersey hijab does not often require pins. It will stay in place and look great on its own in terms of style or design. This is great for those who particularly dislike pins on a daily basis.




Chiffon hijabs



    When you are looking a chiffon hijab, you’ll find that they also have some great advantages to consider that make them practical for those on the hunt for something that is going to comfortable and practical with a subtle classy feel as well.


  • Intended for special events: While chiffon hijabs can be worn daily, they are most intended to special events. They are flowing and can be either straight of pleated. They will dress up your outfit and still keep you covered as needed.


  • Can pair with an underscarf: Chiffon scarves are extra flowy by nature. They are also translucent and should be paired with an underscarf of a matching colour. If you are looking ot contrast colours or adjust them, you can use a contrasting colour instead.


  • Can dress it up with pins: Chiffon scarves are best accentuated with pins. They can be plain pins, but work best when they are jewelled or otherwise. For those that find pins give you room for self-expression in a respectful way, chiffon is the best pairing material to consider.


  • Lightweight and silky: As noted, chiffon head scarves are flowy by nature. They are lightweight and silky smooth. They are wonderful for hot weather or in a compact room with a lot of people, too. They provide you with an airy design that is still going be comfortable and trendy for your special event.


  • Nonslip fabric for convenience: While it seems counterintuitive with the lightweight and double layered design, chiffon hijabs are designed to be nonslip. This is practical when you need the extra security of knowing that your scarf will need no adjustments as you are out and around at your event. This is particularly so if you keep your pin use minimal or strategic.




Which is better?



    The reality is that you will be wearing each of these fabrics for different purposes. As such, there is no such thing, really, as one being better than the other. It all comes down to figuring out which one is going to be the right choice for your needs.


Want a hijab that is flexible and multi-purpose with lots of customization options? 

A jersey hijab will best a great option.


Need to dress up with your hijab and focus on the tiny details, such as the pins used?

There’s nothing better than a chiffon hijab. So, it really does come down to determining what you are looking for in your style choice.



    Generally speaking, jersey hijabs are thought to be more practical for everyday use. They are comfortable, lightweight, and leave you free from pins when you are looking at multipurpose. However, chiffon hijabs have a sense of class about them that make them impressive in their materials, fit and formal look and feel that also make them strong leaders in style.




    The hijab that you decide on — and its fabric — is a personal choice that only you are going to know feels right. With this understanding of fabric, general use, and comfort in mind, you’ll want to focus on the idea of what also feels like the right choice for you as an individual. Do you like the longevity of jersey?  Do you prefer the class of chiffon?  Your personal comfort and enjoyment of the fabrics has a large role to play in your shopping adventure.



    When you take a look at these key points, you will feel more in control of your choice when you are looking at shopping for hijabs online, even if you thought you were all over the place before now. Understanding how each fabric works and what it’s going to work best with, gives you the power to choose the right one for you, no hesitation. Enjoy your search!

1 Comment(s)

12/11/2019, 01:15:39 PM

i am a jersey person but chiffon also look elegant:)

12/11/2019, 01:18:01 PM

Thank you for your comment. (L)

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