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US TV reporter wear Hijab

03/12/2018 0 Comment(s)

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8 of February 2018 - a milestone date for hijab fashion in the US television broadcasting history. Tahera Rahman had her first on-air broadcast for WHBF TV station covering the Quad Cities region in Illinois and Iowa and became the first full-time TV reporter wearing hijab on air in the US.

Tahera always dreamed of having a role in front of the cameras and after many rejections and challenges eventually she made history and changed the view of many people about women in hijab.

“It's been so incredible. People from Mexico, Sweden, Eastern Europe telling me that they all stand behind me and are cheering on me... and then people from all over Iowa who have invitied me to have a dinner with their families and speak with their daughters. Simply incredible. I feel so grateful for all of it.“  - Tahera Rahman

Rahman's story is very inspiring for all of us and gives strength to keep on going and living for our dreams. 


Read her full interview for Today


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Photos from Today Magazine

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