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How to Choose the Right Hijab Color for Your Skin Tone

12/11/2019 0 Comment(s)

We all are different and so do our color tones.  Some women have a warmer tone while some have a lighter one.


So in order to look elegant and appear more confident, we should pick up a hijab that complements our skin tone and makes it glow.


While wearing hijab, it’s extremely important for you to feel comfortable as well as appear confident as confidence adds additional beauty to your personality.


Hence, we highly recommend you to experiment with different colors and hues, and come up with colors that you know best compliment your skin tone, elevate your beauty and outfit.


So with that idea in mind we are sharing some useful tips that will help you pick up the right color of hijab as per your skin tone.


Best Hijab ideas for different skin tones



Hijab for Light Skin Tone


There’s a myth that almost every color suits the light skin tone. However, light skin tone is best complemented by pastel colors. The prominent colors include bold jewel tones such as red rubies, emerald green, blue sapphires, royal violet, cobalt and some light pastel colors. They make fair skin look absolutely stunning and breathtaking, and known to even enhance your skin, and make it appear even lighter or paler. To get a perfect hijab that compliments your fair skin tone, check out our online hijab store.



Hijab for Medium Skin Tone


The yellow undertones in medium skin tone really makes people look attractive and apart from people of other skin tones.


Due to this, colors like beige, taupe, camel, olive, green, cranberry, teal blush pink and red look best on medium skin tones. These are the colors that goes with medium skin tone without a fail. However, there’s plenty of more colors you can experiment with such as emerald, cobalt, ruby red, royal violet etc.


The above mentioned colors bring out the best in your skin tone and gives it a healthy glow it deserves!


However, they are certain colors that are not medium skin tone friendly and should be avoided, if possible, these colors include pastel colors.


However, there’s another important tip that has been personally tried and tested by me is to use ivory instead of white for medium skin tone, and use the shades of blacks generously, they tend to compliment your dark features.


For great variety of colors for medium skin tone, you should definitely give a go to our hijab store.



Hijab for Dark Skin Tone


Ok, it may come as a surprise to you but the fact is


If you’re a dark-skinned person, you have better chances to experiment in terms of what color you can wear.


Luckily, every color suits dark skin tone. But then again still use colors sensibly, for instance, you can use ivory or what is commonly known as off white color instead of pure white, avoid using stark white, it might give you a harsh look.


As I said if you are a dark skinned person you are blessed, but if you want to look exceptionally good, go with something that will add warmth and glow to your skin tone. Best example is of pastel colors they make your skin tone shine and look absolutely gorgeous with dark skin. The ever green Black color also looks equally great with dark skin but again every dark skin has different hues, so it basically depends upon the shade of your dark skin color. However, Chocolate brown is your safest bet when it comes to dark skin tone.



Hijab for Cool Skin Tone


Now if you have a Cool skin tone then you can complement it by using bright colors, easily. Your can go for colors such as purples, lavender, lilac, bright blues, reddish pinks, bright rose, and red rubies.  In case, you would prefer something sober and neutral, you can opt for greys, navy blues, and pristine white. It’s also a best practice for you to avoid Yellows and Oranges as they may make your skin appear dull.



Hijab for Warm Skin Tone


If you have a warm skin tone you can use shades of oranges, reds, golden yellow, and amber. Any color with warmer shades such as greens, blues, and turquoise also compliment warm skin tones.



Hijab for Neutral Skin Tone


If you have a neutral skin tone its best to avoid really bright colors, however, you can play around with colors that are neither too bright nor too dull. Shades of Grey, off-white and taupe should be in your go-to colors list. You can find all these shades for your neutral skin tone at our Hijab store.



Hijab for Wheatish Skin Tone


Bold colors compliment the Wheatish skin the best. However, due to lack of awareness many girls with wheatish skin tones shy away from wearing dark and bold colors. When you experiment with bold shades, it shows your confident personality, so never shy away from trying out the bold colors. It add substance to your personality. Smokey Blue, Forest Green, Golden, Grey, Magenta, Orange, and Dark Olive Green are some of the colors that make your wheatish skin appear stunning.






At the end the most important that you feel good in whatever hijab colours you decide to choose no matter your skin tone.

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