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Trending Hijabs - A Gear of Modesty

08/11/2019 0 Comment(s)

Hello, all pretty hijabis! We do indeed love our hijabs from the core of our hearts but at the same time, we desire to look trendy and chic wearing them. And this is justified because hijabs should also follow all the latest styles and trends.

“The beauty of the moon does not change when covered by clouds, just as the beauty of a woman remains when covered by a hijab”.

All across the globe, women have happily adopted the gear of modesty as a part of their identity and they take pride in this gear provided by their religion. Wearing a hijab has not caused any hindrance in the way of Muslim women to set their mark in the field of fashion. Keeping in mind the conviction of Muslim women all around the globe, many international brands have recognized the hijab as an important and integral part of women’s dressing and have introduced it in their product range to cater to Muslim women.


Since by now we have established that the hijab is not just a piece of clothing and can be used by women to magnify styles, let’s move on to the top-trending hijab styles.





All Bling Hijab


While this will not be your typical everyday look, every woman loves to get ready for special occasions like weddings, family functions, Eid, and parties. Add some chic and bling accessories to your hijab to get that glow on your face and steal the limelight.



Going Eco-Friendly


Green is the new black! And if you are an advocate and follower of the ongoing green movement, you will surely love the concept of eco-friendly hijabs. The concept of eco-friendly hijabs has been doing the rounds for quite some time now but this year it has set a new record of popularity. More and more brands are producing hijabs with sustainable material and hijab stores are selling them and this is surely the way to a better world! Kudos to such brands.



Sports Hijab


With an increasing number of women stepping into  the field of sports, the need for sports hijab is increasing. Many brands have come up with sports hijabs in different styles, and with different levels of modesty. Such hijabs are made with lightweight and soft fabric for the ultimate sweat-wicking performance and breathability.



Hijab in Pastels


Since pastel shades are less saturated than typical colors, they have a softer look and are easier on the eyes. Pastel colors have now become a part of the fashion industry and people of all age groups are rocking pastels. Women and pastels have one thing in common - both describe serenity best.


With all types of garments being produced and sold in pastels, a hijab cannot be left behind. Hence, pastels are making a mark in hijab closets too. The best part about pastel hijabs is that they go well with every outfit and can add an element of grace and elegance to your outfit. Be it a floral dress or a solid-colored one, a pastel hijab will definitely complement it. Pastel hijabs also look good on every skin tone so you don’t have to think twice about that.



Formal-Style Hijab


It goes without saying that a hijab can add grace to a formal outfit. If you are going for a fancy event, a formal hijab is the right choice to add glam to your look. With so many fancy hijabs available, embellished with delicate embroidery, beadings, or made out of fancy fabrics, you don’t need to wear a simple looking hijab with a fancy outfit. Just go for something formal and pair it up with heels.



Pearl Hijabs


If you are not the kind of person who loves heavy embroidery and beading on hijabs, you can still go for something fancy with pearl hijabs. They look absolutely gorgeous and add the correct amount of glam to your outfit. These, too, can be paired up with simple and heavy outfits and are available in various hijab stores.



Nude Hijabs


Shades of nude are a staple in every wardrobe. They are not only timeless and classy but work with every style and season. Nude shades have actually become the go-to look for every fashion loving woman. And this applies to hijabis as well which is why nude hijabs are so popular among hijabi fashion bloggers.


Nude hijabs can be paired with anything in your closet as nude matches perfectly with bright and popping shades. It also matches every skin tone and wouldn’t be hard to find from any hijab store. It gives a modern touch to the wearer, after all its trending!



Printed Hijabs


Printed hijabs are absolutely gorgeous and look very versatile. So many printed hijabs are available in hijab stores so that you can choose a hijab that represents your style from a wide variety. You can opt for a heavily printed hijab with plain and solid colored outfits or go for a lightly printed hijab when wearing a heavy outfit.



Turban Hijabs


The hijab is surely a sign of modesty and a girl’s best friend. There are various ways in which a hijab can be worn and one of the trending and most popular hijabs sold in hijab stores is the turban hijab. It is an addition to the world of scarves inspired by old ages. The turban hijab is a mix and match of Islamic apparel with Indian culture.


Initially, men used to wear turbans made with several yards of fabric but eventually this style shifted to women wearing the same thing as a hijab with a lot of variety and a classic touch. Turban hijabs can be worn casually or at parties in a stylish and chic way.


Turban hijabs provide both a sporty and glamorous look. The perks are that you will have the freedom to wear the hijab with earrings or a necklace.





You can wear a hijab every day and still look fashionable. There are dozens of hijab styles which are perfect for your parties, Eid, family functions, office look, college look, and casual looks.


With so many styles available in hijab stores, you can never go wrong with the type of hijab you are wearing. Go for a pastel when you are confused, go all chic with a printed hijab, or wear a turban hijab to steal the spotlight.

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