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Lace Hijab - Find Lace Hijab Online

Find the latest lace hijab fashion and enjoy beautiful hijabs with lace.

Hijabs with lace are very popular and pretty fashionable. They can spice up any outfit. There are many different types of lace hijabs.

  • Half Lace Half Jersey or other hijab fabrics
  • L Shape French Lace hijab
  • L Shape Embroidered lace hijab
  • Lace Embroidered only to the short side of the hijab
  • Short Lace around the head like Hijab Beshayer
  • There are combined lace and crystals or pearls on the hijab

You can find all kind of lace hijabs in our shop and we will keep on adding new ones to help you create your own hijab collection at home.

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Cotton Hijab with Embroidered Lace

Cotton hijab with Embroidered Lace is the most elegant hijab in its league. This type of cotton fabr..

US$ 19.44 US$ 14.58

Full Lace Hijab Farah

Another awesome hijab style, Full Lace Hijab. You will be surprised how beautiful this scarf will lo..

US$ 19.44

Hijab Batul

Hijab is said to be a symbol closely associated with Islam and hijab is often recognised something t..

US$ 14.58 US$ 9.72

Hijab Malaysia

Hijab Malaysia is another beautiful example of a trendy, fashionable lace scarf. The L shape gives a..

US$ 16.20 US$ 11.34

Hijab Saudia

Arab women love to volumize their hijab styles. “The bigger, the better” is a tag line tha..

US$ 14.58 US$ 9.72

Jersey Hijab Amirah

We believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful. That is why we provide fashionable shayla hi..

US$ 16.20 US$ 9.72

Jersey Hijab Beshayer

Lace hijabs are very well known head scarves nowadays and every modern hijabi girl needs some. It ca..

US$ 16.20 US$ 9.72

Jersey Hijab Habiba

There is a perfect hijab for every person and occasion. However, if you want something more than ord..

US$ 19.44 US$ 11.34

Jersey Hijab Noha

Have you ever thought of buying a beautifully laced hijab from a hijabi shop? We know, mostly laced ..

US$ 19.44 US$ 12.96

Jersey Hijab Yasmine

Yasmine is a beautiful example of a fashion casual hijab and it is made from about half lace half je..

US$ 16.20 US$ 8.10

Kashmiri Hijab Malaysia

Cashmere / Kashmiri hijabs even without any lace or crystals decoration look elegant and luxurious. ..

US$ 16.20 US$ 9.72